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Smarter Advisory

The world’s leading companies, lenders and professional advisors rely upon the highly specialized consultative expertise of Hilco Global.

Our Approach
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When challenged with the task of creating more profit, reducing cost and enhancing enterprise value, Hilco Global delivers.
Why? Because we’ve earned a reputation for being “Asset Smarter” – more knowledgeable about the present-day value, historical market performance, real-time demand and marketability of assets across every class, industry and enterprise type than anyone else in the business.

That means the advisory solutions we are able to bring to the table are among the most innovative, strategic and operationally effective anywhere in the market today. Hilco Global has helped countless companies capture the notable, unrealized economic potential of their wide-ranging assets by applying proven methodologies and deep, strategic insight to build substantial value and improve operations.

Through a group of specialized advisory business units and a team of highly-experienced and credentialed professionals, Hilco Global works in lockstep with clients around the world every day to implement innovative and creative strategies that leverage their existing assets to create more profit, reduce costs and enhance enterprise value.