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Investment Capital

Hilco Global deploys its significant capital resources to assist clients facing a range of unique conditions. Acting as a special situations merchant bank, we deliver both capital and counsel with the goal of solving operational, financial, and complex process issues

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About Investment Capital
Unrivaled Responsiveness & Certainty of Close

Whether driven by factors including liquidity challenges, debt maturities, distress, or other special situations, we understand that responsiveness and surety of success in completing a transaction is imperative to preserving and maximizing value for company stakeholders.

Our experienced team of professionals possess the knowledge and insight to quickly and efficiently deliver a range tailored capital solutions capable of unlocking substantial upside at any number of key inflection points that businesses experience over the course of their lifespan.

Direct access to capital and close relationships with lenders and other financial institutions enable us to have a wide field of view on capital deployment, providing the ability to self-source proprietary opportunities under the right conditions.

Our Operating Companies

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If your business or a business in your portfolio is facing a current challenge, our team can provide a qualified perspective and experience-based guidance toward an optimized resolution.
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