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Strategic Investments

Hilco Global works across a number of varied and specialized situations in which we may be called upon or proactively assess the need and potential for strategic investment.

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About Strategic Investments
Tailored and Efficient Investment

Hilco Global’s strategic investment services are designed to help businesses and investors make informed decisions that can generate long-term value and improve their financial position.

Some of the strategic investment services offered by Hilco Global include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: We provide strategic advisory services to businesses and investors looking to buy, sell, or merge with other companies. Our team of experts can help clients evaluate potential deals, conduct due diligence, negotiate terms, and structure transactions that maximize value.
  • Asset Monetization: We help businesses and investors unlock value from their assets by providing asset valuation, liquidation, and disposition services. We can help clients sell or lease idle equipment, inventory, real estate, and other assets to generate cash and improve their financial position.
  • Debt & Equity Capital Markets: We offer a range of debt and equity capital markets services, including debt refinancing, debt restructuring, private placements, and equity fundraising. Our team of financial experts can help businesses and investors access capital at competitive rates and terms.
  • Real Estate Services: We can be a buyer, capital partner and/or lender in short-term real estate investment scenarios.

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