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Why the Halston Name Lives On

May 27, 2015, 11:32 AM by User Not Found
Hilco Global owned Halston brand is highlighted for it's recent resurgence in the fashion industry

Fashionista recently published an article describing the long and difficult road that Hilco Global-owned Halston brand has endured throughout its 30+ years of existence. The article extensively talks about how Halston had been struggling to stay afloat before being purchased by Hilco Global in 2007. Hilco Global CEO Jeffrey Hecktman was mentioned in the article as believing in the potential turnaround that Halston could experience with the help of Hilco Global's services. The article also discusses how Hilco optimized Halston's individual brands to better reach their target markets and remain competitive within the fashion and retail industries. Read the full article below.


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Source: Fashionista